Collection: Router Bits

Spiral Router bits combine a shearing action in cutting with an augering action in chip clearance. The shearing action yields an especially clean & accurate cut, while the augering action clears chips from the cut. 

Zahyox offers a full selection of solid carbide spiral router bits, including up-cut spiral bits, down-cut spiral bits, and compression spiral bits. Made of industrial quality WC-Co solid carbide with patented technology, produced by 5-axis CNC grinding machine with German Bosch Rexroth CNC systems and servo motors, ensure consistency and high precision in each ZahyoX router bit. 

Zahyox Router Bit Features:

  • Industrial-Grade Solid Carbide for Extended Tool Life. 
  • Razor-Sharp Cutting Edges and Polished Flutes for Superior Finishes.
  • Superb in High-Speed Machining, Enhancing Productivity.
  • Excellent Designed to Reduce Chatter for Smoother and Safer Operations

Whether you are using CNC, handheld, or table-mounted routers, Zahyox has perfect bits for your specific projects. Discover the ideal router bits with our easy-to-use filter.