Y-Series 3/8″ Upcut Spiral CNC Router Bit, 3/16″ Radius, 1-1/8″ CL, 3″ Length


  • Y-Series, 2 flutes, upcut bit for alloy steels/hardened steels, 3/16″ R, 3/8″ cutting diameter, 3/8″ shank diameter, 1-1/8″ cutting length, 3″ overall length.
  • ZahyoX is industrial leading manufacturer, making solid carbide material and solid carbide router bits is our sole business for over two decades, we make our products like treating art.
  • The geometry design has been iterated hundreds of times to ensure a perfect balance between tool life and cutting efficiency. We run our bits systematically on various machines and materials to test the performances of every iteration.
  • Y-Series is one of our signature product lineups for metal cutting, it is made by our own PVD process of Titanium Aluminum Nitride which provides extreme hardness at 3400 HV and endures a stunning 1300°F max working temperature. The coating provides 3 times longer tool life for metal cutting performance.
  • The bit is made of WC-CO Alloy, and 100% made by our own factory to ensure consistency, you can expect that every bit we produce performs exactly the same.

Additional information

Weight 0.17 lbs
Dimensions 5.51 × 3.15 × 0.98 in

Solid Carbide

Shank Size


Cutting Length


Cutting Dia.


Overall Length







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